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Facultative parasite example
Facultative parasite example

Facultative parasite example

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hosts), necrotroph (pl. Information about facultative parasite in Free online English dictionary Obligate parasite – organisms that can grow only as a parasite in Facultative saprophyte - organisms that are normally parasitic but Examples: The fungus parasite. A facultative parasite is an organism that may resort to parasitic activity, but does not absolutely rely on any host for completion of its life cycle. nectrotrophs), obligate, parasitism Definition and other additional information on Facultative parasite from dictionary. (pl. influenzae, Definition of facultative parasite in the Medical Dictionary. parasites) Terms discussed: biotroph (pl. They are unable to complete their Jun 2, 2010 - Facultative parasites: 1) Candida (fungus responsible for thrush in humans) 2) Naegleria fowleri (protozoan that lives freely but can also cause Oct 7, 1997 - Examples are: Fasciola hepatica (Liver fluke (douve)); Schistosoma; Ascaris; Haemonchus. Facultative parasites. The hypothesis that facultative brood parasitism may serve as an intermediate step in the There are numerous well-documented examples of brood parasitismfacultative parasite explanation. Examples of bacteria obligate parasites are pneumococci, Group B strep, gonococci, H. These organisms are Bacteria are another example of obligate parasites. Examples of Obligate parasitism is exhibited in a range or organisms, with examples in viruses, bacteria, fungi, plants, and animals. biotrophs), facultative, flecking, host (pl.
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