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Hedgehog fact sheet
Hedgehog fact sheet

Hedgehog fact sheet

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sheet hedgehog fact

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HEDGEHOG FACTSHEET. Free activity pack crammed full of printable hedgehog activities - colouring pages, fact sheets, spotter sheets, games, puzzles, activities. Recognition: Unmistakeable, the only spiny British mammal. When threatened, a hedgehog is able to curl up into a ball with its quills Care Sheet You can download the following fact sheets in PDF format. Hedgehog: Erinaceus europaeus. Amazing facts about hedgehogs such as behaviour, intelligence, physical, diet, life span, size, weight, habitat, range and latin name.The hedgehog is one of the UK's most distinctive and best-loved animals. Distribution: widespread, from Britain and rest of Europe, except the far north, across to Russia. Hedgehog resources and information for Kids. Furry fact sheet. Hedgehogs are mammals that have been around for millions of years. Its most famous feature is its spines, which cover most of its body. Includes Hedgehog facts, pictures, clipart and videos. Great for teachers or Class: Mammalia Order: Erinacemorpha Family: Erinacedae Genus: Atelerix. Size: 150-300mm head and body length, dependant on age, tail about 10-20mm. Click on the following links: Hedgehog Information · Why bread and milk is bad for hedgehogs. Quick Facts.
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